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10 Meal Ideas For Picky Kids

Updated: Jan 13

Honey, what’s for dinner?

Have there ever been more dreaded words when you are struggling with one (or more) picky kids, a job, a dog, a life, and everything in between? I totally feel you here.

Meal ideas for picky eaters toddlers are often limited to the staples: mac & cheese, nuggets, strips, fries, bread, and pasta. Yes, they are fast. Yes, they are readily accepted, but quick dinner ideas for toddlers don’t have to be complicated!

The basic recipe for a healthy meal is:


Think outside the box here. Refried beans, hummus, roasted chickpeas, peanut butter, eggs, cheese and meat, chicken, fish are all great options

Fruit or Veg

Both are great options, if you serve both at every meal, cool! But don’t feel pressured to make a perfect balance every time.

Grain or Starch

Yam fries, whole grain wraps, whole wheat English muffins or bread, corn thin crackers, Off the Eaten Path crackers, whole wheat or chickpea pasta can be delicious and filling.

Milk or Alternative

Kids love this stuff! If your little one is under two then make sure to stick with whole milk or infant-formula to make sure they are getting all the fats they need for healthy brain development. If your little one is over two you can introduce 2% milk or alternatives that are higher in fat like soy milk or oat milk. These drinks take up valuable real estate in their bellies through so limit the total amount of milk to two cups per day and serve it with meals only.

Here are my top easy weeknight ideas for picky eaters:
  1. Quesadillas with beans and cheese + red pepper slices and ranch dressing

  2. Scrambled eggs and toast + carrots sticks and hummus

  3. French toast sticks with maple syrup + fruit

  4. Peanut butter, banana and jam rollup (in a whole grain wrap) + sliced cucumber

  5. English muffin mini pizzas with a side of sliced cherry tomatoes

  6. Bento box with crackers, cheese, grapes, hummus, carrots

  7. Tacos with pre-roasted chicken (shredded) and cucumber sticks

  8. Grilled cheese sticks with tomato soup

  9. Chickpea pasta, with butter, parm, and frozen vegetables mixed in

  10. Lentil McNuggets (these are also great finger foods for picky toddlers) with fries and a fruit cup

These toddler meal ideas don’t need to be served every night. In fact, I would encourage you to serve them the SAME foods you are eating on the regular. But we all need a few go-to menu items to branch out from our usuals when we are in a pinch (or we are eating a spicy stew). You can sign up to download my FREE Meal Plan here.

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