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Jenn is excited to offer both in-person and virtual workshops for parents and students this 2023-2024 school year!

Her presentations focus on food neutrality and body diversity & inclusivity.

1. Virtual 60 minute workshops are available for parents/caregivers on common topics such as supporting 'picky' eaters, raising kids with intuitive eating skills, and promoting body positivity

Cost: $500 plus gst for parent workshop


2. In-person 60 minute student presentations are available for grades K-12. For schools with more than one class per grade, these can be combined for a single presentation (or two grades can be combined e.g. K/1, 2/3, 4/5). Please note that the ideal group size is one to two classes per workshop. 

Presentations will be customized to the curriculum points for each grade

Cost: $375-$500 plus gst for student workshop with discounted rates for multiple sessions booked in one day 

3. Virtual 60 minute teacher workshops are available to support teachers with ideas, lesson plans, and resources to teach kids about nutrition, body image, weight based teasing. 

Cost: $500 plus gst for teacher workshop

Please email Jenn directly or message her on the "Say Hello" tab

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