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Daily Calorie Intake Calculators are WRONG.

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

How many times have you “Google’d” to find a weight loss meal plan or a weight loss calculator which promises if you eat X amount of calories you will lose Y amount of weight?

You can almost see it. It’s only 2 weeks or 2 months away. And the IG influencers all do it and look fantastic!

These plans are so seductive. So promising. But what those "daily calorie intake calculators" don’t tell you is that the actual "calorie count" on foods can be off by as much as 20%. We also know that every body is so uniquely different. Each person has a different genetic makeup, different metabolism, different sleep patterns, stress levels, and exercise regimes which means that our bodies use calories differently. We also know that our bodies need different amounts of energy day to day and that different foods tend to affect our metabolism, hormone levels, hunger, and appetite in a variety of ways.

Each time we try a fad diet or extreme weight loss plan we send our body into a state of shock. Our body doesn’t know the difference between an intentional famine (e.g. a diet) and an unintentional famine or starvation state. All our body knows is that we need to CONSERVE energy. So, as a form of protection, our metabolic rate is turned down. This remains even after the diet is over meaning when we start “eating normally” again our body now needs even less energy to survive. This is why weight regain is estimated in 80% of people that engage in intentional weight loss within 2-5 years (

I get it. Those stats are painful to see. Especially if you feel uncomfortable in your body which you attribute to your weight.

So what is the opposite of dieting you ask? What can you DO?

It’s called “Intuitive Eating” and it’s the opposite of everything you’ve ever done. There are many steps along the way, it isn’t a quick fix or a fad diet.

When people come to me for "weight loss help", we talk about trying something different. We work on fueling your body to give you more energy, better digestive health, and increased mood. We work on your stress levels, your sleep, and moving your body because it feels good. Not as a punishment. I help you to get off the dieting roller coaster and eating in a way that feels right for your body, and help you to cope with your feelings in a variety of ways (instead of only turning to food).

No guilt and no shame with food.

This is how we were born to live. How we show our kids that eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I’m ready when you are! Book a consultation with me today!


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