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Are you looking for new ideas in the kitchen? A customized plan that works for your nutrition goals and activity. But one that is also scaled for your family size, and addresses food preferences, allergies, or medical conditions?

I’m now offering customized meal plans with a complimentary 15-minute consultation to take the guesswork out of cooking. 

  • You will receive a meal plan customized by a registered dietitian including recipes, instructions, customized prep time, and recommended portion sizes based on your health goals.

  • Plans are fully digital through an online app that you can download for free to your smartphone or tablet, take it with you anywhere.

  • Options for you to make “smart substitutes” from your personalized list of meals that are nutritionally equivalent including restaurant options.


  • Option to add in your own family meals and work them into your plan

  • Select your meals and then auto-populate to your digital grocery list, check off the items that you already have and then shop online or in-store 

  • Use your daily log if you want track what you are eating 

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