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What Does a Dietitian Do?

This has long been a confusing point. It seems that many people believe dietitians are the food police, we put people on a strict diets (no more chocolate!), or we order special diets for hospital patients. While some dietitians may do these things, I definitely don’t, and dietitians are so much more than that!

Dietitians are meant to help translate the science of nutrition into tangible (and tasty) meals that satisfy your body and soul. We are trained to get to the root of the issue, spot areas of success or deficiencies, help you feel your best, and become healthier whether there is a chronic disease involved or not. We are also the trusted source of evidence-based nutrition, help debunk myths, and give you a clear idea of the newest fads. We aren’t here to sell you pills or teas or quick fixes. We are here to give you real information and guide you along the path that you choose.

We are also counselors and specialize in behavior change using an unbiased and supportive client-centered approach. A lot of people feel like they have to wait for “perfect time” as they think everything in their diet will change 180 degrees and that’s NOT at all the case. Some people are ready for small changes, some are ready for big changes. We work with you to set realistic goals and determine WHAT you need to get there.

I’m not your typical dietitian. I look at a holistic picture of health including stress management, sleep, exercise, self-care and of course FOOD and your relationship with food which starts in childhood. We then determine a plan to figure out what will best support you to meet your goals. I refer some people for blood work and medical follow-up. Others need recipes and meal ideas. I have clients that need activities to assist with stress management. Some need a supplement review to determine which vitamins/minerals would be beneficial and which are a waste of money. Some clients like a regular meal plan with structure, grocery lists, and snack ideas. Others like to write and review weekly food journals for feedback. And some need the accountability of weekly email follow up. I’ve been a dietitian for over a decade and with that comes with the experience to customize strategies to best suit your needs. Wherever you are on your journey, I am here to help you along the way.

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