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Nope your Chicken isn't on Drugs

Despite the latest “click bait” article you may have come across, you are NOT eating chicken pumped with antibiotics and hormones!

In Canada, antibiotics can be used to treat sick animals and prevent disease (in specific circumstances). If antibiotics are used, Canada’s Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has strict regulations which require all antibiotic use be recorded for each flock and they set time guidelines between when an animal was last treated with antibiotics and when it can be sent to the processing plant and eventually the supermarket. This “withdrawal period” ensures that there are no antibiotic residues left in the meat. The CFIA also does routine inspections and testing to ensure the standards are being met and the foods are safe. Any products failing inspections would not make it to the grocery store.

If you are still concerned about the antibiotic use in chickens you can buy chicken labeled with “raised without the use of antibiotics” which means no antibiotics were ever given to the chicken during its lifetime. But remember that ALL Canadian chicken is still free of antibiotic residue!

Chicken have also been free of added hormones and steroids for over 50 years! Canada banned the use of hormones in Canadian poultry on March 4, 1963. And while you may still see messaging on packages that say “raised without the use of hormones” on some packages of chicken or turkey; you can rest assured that ALL poultry raised in Canada is free of added hormones, yay!

Next time to see free-based media messages around food I encourage you to dig a little deeper to see if the claims hold water. Often they don't! A Registered Dietitian can help support you to make the right choices for your family.

This post was sponsored by BC Chicken Marketing Board


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